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Eighth year in running, the Wellness Summit is unquestionably the leading and pivotal event for the Wellness and Spa Industry in Asia Pacific. Held annually, the Wellness Summit brings together the world’s leading innovative thinkers, expert minds, industry leaders and inspirational practitioners, and encourages thought provoking interactive debate about some of today’s most relevant challenges. The aim is to translate new ideas and knowledge into practical change; to empower and lead the wellness movement together to create a momentum for sustainable transformation. The Wellness Summit is more than a conference; it is a platform where wellness meets—it is an experience.
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Revolution and evolution in shaping a better future don’t just happen overnight. Changes are made to happen by people coming together in collaboration and sharing of new ideas and knowledge with a common new vision for a better way of being. New possibilities are shaped by people coming together with a passion to make the change.

Lifestyle related diseases today contribute the largest percentage of death on the planet. It is preventable. Wellness is needed. Wellness Summit sees the need for a proactive movement towards the beginning of integrating wellness and medicine in shaping the future for humanity.

The theme this year uniquely converges the billion dollars anti-aging and trillion dollars wellness industry into a single platform. Though seemingly divergent in nature, the two industries are now naturally converging – medicine and wellness – governed by the same aim of longevity and vitality. By bringing together the acclaimed A4M Thailand - 4TH INTERNATIONAL BANGKOK CONGRESS ON ANTI-AGING & REGENERATIVE MEDICINE (BCAARM) this year, it is with the hopes that we foster and nurture the collective growth of both industries that result in their convergence for a sustainable future. The participation of the preventive/anti-aging and aesthetic medicine industry will have a decidedly prominent impact on the wellness industry for years to come and will help shape the future of wellness.

Bringing in the A4M this year would see a collective effort in addressing the goal of optimizing the quantity and quality of life. Seeing how lifestyle disease are now the largest cause of mortality globally and preventable by lifestyle choices – wellness is a necessity.

Join us in tapping into an elite panel of wellness professionals, medical & healthcare professionals, scientists, and researchers to exchange ideas, share knowledge, network, advanced skills and expertise while being inspired by pioneering leaders. REGISTER NOW!

To further facilitate and assist our Delegates' wellness enrichment from the Summit, items of significance and Importance are made available for download. Available from 31 Oct 2011. Stay tuned!

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